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Agile is the fastest growing Autel Master distributor in North America. Our competitive prices will ensure your business will be able to compete with other Autel resellers. Agile has an experienced and knowledgeable support staff to help you and your customer during the sales cycle, order generation process and customer support. Agile is independently owned and operated. We develop a personal relationship with our resellers to assist them in any way possible before and after the sale.

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The Agile Benefit

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Agile is a “Value Add” Reseller program including:

  • No Inventory Management

  • Assistance from order generation to product warranty support
  • Sales support for end-user product demos
  • Established credibility as an Autel Master Distributor listed on their authorized distributor website page.
  • Free in-person training on ADAS calibration equipment by an authorized AUTEL trainer
  • Free LTL Shipping in the contiguous United States
  • We do not charge for sales tax with your state(s) reseller certificate

  • End-user product support after the sale

  • Financing options available
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Agile Sales Support

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Bringing on a new product can be challenging for any organization, large or small. At Agile, we have a team of Autel subject matter experts who are ready to assist your team.
Our reseller program provides access to the latest product information and marketing resources.

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Optional Finders Fee Program

BT608 Complete Kit

Our finder’s fee program is a perfect way to generate additional revenue without the worry of inventory carrying costs or managing accounts receivable. Rest assured that your customers will be in great hands with Agile and you will receive an 7.5% rebate from every confirmed and shipped sale.

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Financing Options

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We have trusted and established financing options. Our financing company will finance orders as low as $1,500.

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Ideal Partners

IR100 Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Independent Tool Distributors

  • CO-OP Businesses
  • Online Retailers
  • Glass Distributors
  • Aftermarket Parts Distributors
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How to Become an Agile Reseller?

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Fill out the reseller contact form below, we will review your application and schedule a call. After our approval process you can start selling!