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Maxisys 908CV Advantage
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The Autel MS908CV commercial vehicle diagnostic scan tool offers significant coverage and functionality at a 48% lower cost than JPRO Professional.  Plus, receive a *lifetime warranty on all Autel hardware with Autel’s Total Care Program.

Product Autel MaxiSys 908CV JPRO Professional Diagnostic Kit*
Year 1 Hardware & Software Cost $3,395 $5,219
Annual Renewals $1,295 $2,808
5-Year Financial Run Rate $8,575 $16,451**
Brands Covered 126+ 42
US, Asian, and European Vehicle Coverage Yes Limited
Bi-Directional Tests and Parameter Resets 2000+  Less than 260
Requires Additional OEM Software for Full Functionality No Yes
Lifetime Warranty on All Hardware including Battery Replacement*** Yes No

*Per Noregon Website November 2021.
**Requires active annual updates.
***Lifetime Warranty on all hardware requires current status within Autel’s Total Care Program.

Autel offers significant coverage, functionality, and financial benefits over JPRO:

• A 48% cost savings over a 5-year run rate
• Over 1,750 more bi-directional tests and parameter resets
• 84 more brands of coverage

Plus Autel Offers:

• Total Care can be renewed after a lapse in updates and warranty coverage at any time
• Autel software never shuts off, regardless of current update status
• 500+ Autel Engineers work on increased coverage and functionality every day

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