Total Care Lifetime Warranty Program

Autel Software Renewals & Total Care Hardware and Replacement Battery Warranty Program

All Autel diagnostic scan tools that are within an active annual update period are also eligible for the Total Care Lifetime Warranty Program. All tablets including battery replacement and Vehicle Communication Devices are under the Autel manufacturer’s warranty program.

Diagnostic scan tools that are out of the active update period can renew at any time and then fall under the Total Care Lifetime Warranty Program.

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Actively updated and registered Autel Tools includes the following advantages:

  • Access to the expiration dates of all tools registered to that user ID
  • Access to all software and firmware updates
  • Continued warranty coverage for all hardware under the Total Care Warranty Program
Software Updates – Heavy Duty
Software Updates – Automotive
diagnostic scan tools

Tools eligible for the Total Care Warranty Program:

diagnostic scan tools

MS906CV MaxiSYS MS906CV Heavy Duty
MS908S MaxiSYS MS908S
MS908CV MaxiSYS MS908CV Heavy Duty
IM508 Key Programming Tool
IM608 Key Programming Tool
TS608 Maxi TPMS TS608


diagnostic scan tools

Click here to purchase a new TCP card to renew your software update subscription and Total Care Warranty Program eligibility.

No, the software will continue to provide the same coverage and functionality that is included up to the last software update installed.

By visiting Pro Autel and entering your user ID or go to the Datalog Application on the home screen of your Autel tablet to locate the expiration date of the software license.

Yes, the tablet, J-Box adapter and cables are covered uner Autel’s manufacturer warranty policy during the active software update subscription period. For more information please visit our full warranty page.

Yes, all hardware under an active update subscription period is covered under the Total Care Warranty Program regardless of a lapse in update eligibility period.

Yes, if your tool has any issue contact Autel customer service. Send your tool in for an assessment and if the existing battery is no longer operable, a replacement battery is installed at no charge.

Autel Customer Service
Phone: 1-855-AUTEL US (1-855-288-3587)
Fax: 1-631-357-3304
Shipping Address:
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