All Systems ADAS Calibration Package

By Autel


The ADASCALD package, compatible with the Autel Standard calibration frame system, contains targets, patterns and calibration components needed to execute ADAS camera, radar, night vision, LiDAR components for all ADAS-equipped vehicle makes and models. The package contains targets and patterns included in the LDW1, LDW2, and LDW3 packages. Radar calibration devices include Doppler Radar simulator, Continental and Hitachi calibrators. Includes Lexus Night Vision pattern and the Night Vision calibration stand for Mercedes vehicles. Includes the LiDAR reflector for Toyota and calibration board for VW and Audi vehicles. Covered by one year warranty.

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  • All makes and models ADAS calibration expansion package
  • Includes calibration components for camera, radar, night vision, LiDAR systems
  • Compatible with Autel Standard Calibration frame (not included) – Includes LDW1, LDW2, LDW3 target packages
  • Includes AVM targets for Cadillac, Honda, VW, Nissan, Hyundai and Kia, Toyota and Mitsubishi
  • Includes Radar calibration equipment inc. Doppler simulator and Continental calibrator. Includes Honda Lanewatch target
  • Includes Night Vision calibration equipment for Lexus and Mercedes
  • Includes Rear Collision warning calibration targets for Nissan, Mercedes, and VW
  • Includes LiDAR calibration devices for VW and Audi and Toyota
  • One-year limited warranty



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