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Digital ADAS


Digital ADAS Kit includes 3 digital tape measures and 2 wheel dials for use with Standard Calibration Frame to enable faster frame to vehicle positioning and enables positioning to be performed by one technician. Includes brackets, hardware and instructions for attaching to standard frame. Allows for millimetric accuracy with digital distance readings Usable on all makes and models. Includes one-year limited warranty.

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  • Digital ADAS Kits for Digital Measurement Positioning Add on for Standard ADAS Calibration
  • Replaces Manual Tape Measures for Faster, More Precise Frame to Vehicle Positioning
  • Includes 3 Digital tape measure and 2 wheel dials for frame distance measuring from either front axle or front emblem/bumper.
  • Includes Brackets, Hardware and Instructions for Attaching to Standard Frame
  • Enables Millimetric Accuracy with Digital Distance Readings
  • Compatible with All Vehicle Makes and Models
  • Enables Faster Frame Placement, and Can Be Done by a Single Technician
  • Able to be Used with ADASACCESSORY for Even Faster Equipment Placing
  • One-Year Limited Warranty



Weight 23
Height 4.72
Length 30
Width 21




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