MA600 + Laser Accessory Case

By Autel


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This set of four storage bags are for the MA600 Calibration Frame. They were designed to help protect the frame and keep it organized in a mobile truck. The set of four bags includes one bag for the MA600 Frame base, one for the crossbar, one for the stand pole and one for laser accessories. Includes foam inserts for frame and accessories. Includes a 1-Year Limited Warranty.

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MA600 Case Include:

  • Set of Four Soft Bags for the MA600 Frame and Laser Accessories to Store Traveling ADAS Equipment in a Truck
  • One Bag for the MA600 Frame Base and One Bag for the Crossbar
  • One Bag for the MA600 Frame Main Column
  • One Bag for Laser Accessories (for Standard or MA600 Frame)
  • Foam Inserts for Frame and Accessories
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty
Weight 24
Height 16
Length 42
Width 42

MA600 Case Brochure



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