MaxiSCOPE MP408 4-Channel Oscilloscope

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The Best Automotive Oscilloscope on the Market

The MaxiSCOPE MP408 is a 4-channel digital oscilloscope. It measures and tests all modern electronic components and circuits. Compatible with MaxiSYS tablets MS906BT and up, and the MaxiIM IM608 tablet, the MP408 displays high resolution waveforms. It features a high-speed sampling rate from 80MS/s to 20MS/s and 20MHz bandwidth. New Low Pass Filter software cleans and focuses dirty waveform signals for easier diagnostics. The MP408-BASIC includes 4 shielded test leads, 2 attenuators with 10mV/div – 20V/div, secondary ignition pickup, multimeter and acupuncture probe sets, and a new heavy duty carry case. It is updatable via PC, a 1-year tool warranty and free lifetime software updates are available with purchase.


MaxiScope MP408 – 4-Channel Digital Oscilloscope

  • New Low Pass Filter Software
  • Color Coded 4-Channel Control Panel / Easily Adjusted Trigger Point
  • Measure/ Test Vehicle Electrical Emissions Components
  • 1-Click Auto Setup Voltage Scale / 1-Click Auto Setup Time Base
  • Read/ Display/ Record/ Playback High Resolution Waveform Data
  • Can Be Used With MaxiSYS Tablets, MaxiIM IM608 Tablet or Windows PC
  • FREE Lifetime Software (lifetime of tool) & 1Yr Warranty
  • Includes 4 10-Ft Shielded Test Leads & 2 Attenuators with 10mV/div
  • Includes 20V/div & Secondary Ignition Pickup / Multimeter & Acupuncture Probe Sets
  • Real-time Scale Information Display / Serial Decoding
  • High Speed Sampling Rate: 80-20MS/s- 20MHz Band
  • 10-20mV/div Sensitivity
  • Compatible with Advanced Sensors
  • LIN/ CAN/ FlexRay Data Bus Systems
  • Includes 5-Ft USB Cable & NEW Heavy Duty Carry Case
  • Software Updates Via PC

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Vertical resolution 12 bits
Channels 4
Bandwidth 20MHz
Accuracy 1%
Sensitivity -10°C to +60°C (ambient)
PC Interface USB 2.0 – Cable supplied
Power Requirements Powered from USB port
Input Ranges (full scale) ±v50mV to ±100V in 11 ranges
Input Impedance 1MΩ in parallel with 22pF
Input Type Single-ended, BNC connector
Input Coupling Software selectable AC/DC
Overload Protection ±200V on single input
Buffer Memory 32M samples shared among active channels
Waveform Buffer Up to 1000 waveforms
Timebase Ranges 100ns/div to 1000s/div
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C (15°C to 40°C for quoted accuracy)
Storage Temperature Range -20°C to +60°C
Storage Humidity Range 5% to 95%RH, Non-condensing
Dimensions 190X115X38mm
Weight < 0.5kg
Maximum Sampling Rate (Single Shot)
1 or 2 channels in use 80MS/s
3 or 4 channels in use 20MS/s



High resolution and full color digital LCD display 3.5″ (320×240) 5” (1280×720) 4.1″ (1200×720) 3.5” (640 x 480) Smartphone-based
Record and play back high resolution still images and videos 640×480 1280×720 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080
Wireless monitor enables remote viewing
Touchscreen for convenient operation
Single button for quick photo and video recording
Add audio annotation for detail presentation
On-screen photo editing and markup
Dual cameras see straight ahead or at a 90° angle
Digital zoom for detailed viewing
View objects as close as 1″
BOn-screen horizontal/vertical reverse
On-screen 90° clockwise rotation
Built-in & adjustable LED illuminates viewing area
HDMI port for monitor view
Mini USB connector for uploading images and videos
1 m long semi-rigid flexible watertight shaft
Narrow probe diameter available in both 5.5 mm and 8.5 mm 8.5 mm 8.5mm (5.5mm Optional) 8.5mm (5.5mm Optional) 8.5mm (5.5mm Optional)
Micro SD card slot for greater memory capacity
Oil and scratch resistant tempered glass lens
Ergonomic and durable tool housing
Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
Multilingual support
Water Resistant Camera head


MaxiSCOPE MP408 4-Channel Oscilloscope Manual


MaxiSCOPE MP408 Accessory List

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