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MX-Sensor 1-Sensor Single Pack w/box – Press-in Rubber Valve Stem


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Tested and certified to meet SAE standards, the Autel Programmable MX-Sensor offers a quality 315MHz/433 MHz frequency all-in-one sensor that works with many of today’s vehicles’ TPMS systems. Its exclusive, patented press release valve allows for interchangeable rubber and metal valve stems and easy, by-hand removal/replacement. A high-signal strength facilitates the programming of up to 16 sensors wirelessly without relearning (if installed in the same position).

The Programmable MX-Sensor is lightweight at 12g and boasts superior battery life.

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Autel’s MX-Sensors are programmable universal OE replacement TPMS sensors and only require two sensor types to cover all OE fitted sensor replacements with a programming tool. MX-Sensors offer the latest model TPMS coverage because sensors update during installation. This 4-SKU solution greatly reduces inventory investment and provides simple assembly to minimize installation time.

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