MX-Sensor Component Kit

By Autel


The MXSensorCK is a Component Kit with separated pieces for press-in rubber and metal valve stems. The MX-Sensor Component Kit contains everything a technician needs for MX-Sensor service. The kit includes 20 Metal Valve Screw Nuts, 20 Metal Valve Washers, 20 Metal Valve Rubber Gaskets, 20 Metal Valve Cps, 20 Rubber Valve Caps, 20 Metal/Valve Cores, 4 Rubber Valves, 4 Metal Valves

MX-Sensor Component Kit

  • Includes Separated Pieces for Press-in Rubber and Metal Valve Stems
  • Components are bagged, labeled and organized in a plastic case.
  • Contains:
    • 20 Metal Valve Screw Nuts
    • 20 Metal Valve Washers
    • 20 Metal Valve Rubber Gaskets
    • 20 Metal Valve Cps
    • 20 Rubber Valve Caps
    • 20 Metal/Valve Cores
    • 4 Rubber Valves
    • 4 Metal Valves
  • Compatible with Autel MX-Sensor 1-Sensor (Aluminum and Rubber)

Sensor Component Kit Product Brochure



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