Placard Value Stickers

By Autel


The PVS100 is a box of 100 placard value stickers. Each sticker is 2.5” wide by 1.75” tall and adheres to the door jam. When the tire size has been changed on a vehicle the sticker allows you to keep track of the adjusted tire information for future reference.

PVS Placard Value Stickers

  • 1 Box of Placard Value Stickers
  • QTY 100 Stickers Per Box
  • Sticker is 2.5″ Wide by 1.75″ Tall
  • Keep Track of Adjusted Tire Information for Future Reference
  • Adheres to Door Jam
  • Fill Out and Apply a New Placard Value Sticker to the Door Jamb For Future Reference When Tire Size has Been Changed on a Vehicle



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