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Software Upgrade


The ADAS Calibration Software Upgrade adds ADAS Calibration functionality to your current MaxiSYS tablet. It can be used with the MS908 Series Tablets for use with the ADAS Calibration Standard Frame or It can be used to add calibration functionality to your MS906BT, MS906TS, MS908 Series Tablets to be used with the ADAS MA600 Calibration frame. When upgrading the MS908 or higher you need to pick either the Standard Frame or the MA600 Frame.
It Includes detailed, illustrated instructions and on-tablet Video How-to Guides for each type of ADAS calibration allowing you to perform ADAS system calibrations on most ADAS equipped vehicle lines. Use with the Autel ADAS Calibration Frame (not included) is required.

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  • Upgrade Your Current MaxiSYS Tool to Include ADAS Software
  • Available for MS908, MS908P, MS908S, MS908SP or MSElite for Use with the ADAS Standard Frame
  • Available for the MS906BT, MS906TS, MS908, MS908P, MS908S, MS908SP or MSElite for Use with the ADAS MA600 Frame
  • Requires Either the Autel ADAS Standard Calibration Frame or the Autel ADAS MA600 Calibration Frame (Not Included)








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