MS908 Update Card

By Autel


The MS908 Update Card expands the software subscription for the MaxiSYS 908 tablets, including the MaxiSYS ADAS Tablet, ensuring your shop can update the tablet’s software and enable diagnostics to be performed on the industry’s latest vehicle make, models, and model years. In addition to vehicle coverage expansion, software updates can also include improvements to the general operation of the tablet as well as the introduction of new or improved tablet features and functions. The MS908 TCP purchase also extends the warranty on the tablet for an additional year, and offers reduced- or no-cost repairs, depending on the repair issue. Total Care Program subscription and warranty cards can be delivered as a physical card or authentication codes can be delivered via email for quick subscription renewal.

The MS908P Update Card Extends Warranty and Software Subscription for One Year and Includes:

  • Extends Tablet Warranty Coverage of the MS908 for One Year
  • Software Updates for One Year
  • Software Extends Vehicle Coverage
  • Software Updates Provides New Tablet Functions and Features



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